While Melina is showing a new student around the Sierra Valley University campus, Nathan becomes defensive towards the new student that was trying to flirt with Melina, by acting like her boyfriend and scaring off the student. While Melina and Nathan are arguing about Nathans stunt, their friend JJ sneaks up behind Melina and tackles her on to Nathan, causing Nathan to get a nose bleed from Melina landing on his face. After all the excitement, Melina, Nathan, & JJ make their way to Nathans apartment to hang out and fix his bleeding nose, where Nathan asks Melina if she'd be able to help him with a project that he needs to have completed for an upcoming psychology class, offering to help with house hold chores as payment. Not wasting any time, Melina quickly busts out a sketch of Nathans "personified inner potential". While JJ picks on Nathan and Melina a little, Nathans roommate Jeff kicks the front door in and begins lecturing Nathan about bringing women home, when Jeff notices JJ he begins to flirt with her when he suddenly notices the eerie ear of corn he's been carrying around giving him a judging look. Not wanting to be around for "things to get weirder", Nathan escorts his friends out of his apartment and they make their way to Melina's house to continue hanging out.

While hanging out at Melina's, JJ tells the her friends about some strange disappearances that have been happening lately, when the group takes it as a joke, they continue on with coming up with plans for their rare, free weekend. When her friends leave to go home, Melina begins working on the finished drawing she promised for Nathan, and once completed, realizes that she can't give the embarrassingly idealistic drawing to her friend, and decides to get ready for bed and begin working on a new drawing the following morning. After showering, taking her meds, and going to bed, her cell phone receives a weird message that causes the artwork Melina had done to glow, and fall to the floor. In a flash of light, a figure crawls out from the drawing, and then makes its way towards a sleeping Melina.

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