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January 15th, 2018, 2:00 am

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Scar23, January 15th, 2018, 4:23 pm     Reply


Happy Monday guys!
Things are getting a little dicey, huh?

Make sure to vote for EC! on TWC so you can see the mock set up of the volume 1 cover!

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Kickstarter progress is coming along, and as the days go on, I get more and more anxious for this campaign.

Come Late March/Early April I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Volume 1 of Epic Chaos! which will be a 200 paged full color graphic novel.

Physical book tiers will be $35 with free shipping for USA backers, with higher tier options that come with lots of cool new merch!

Follow the Epic Chaos! Facebook fan page for up to date information regarding the Kickstarter, and be on the look out for contest and campaign launch dates :D

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H4RSHKN1GHT (Guest), January 15th, 2018, 9:23 am     Reply

JJ Said
JJ almost took this *strip* to another level.

EmilyAnnCoons, January 16th, 2018, 4:34 pm     Reply

Loving the comic so far <3 The main girls are awesome and kinda sexy (they're definitely hot lol). Definitely excited to see more of the comic. (I know the comic is only PG-13, but I am kinda excited for any moments of fanservice of either girls or the main guy)

Scar23, January 16th, 2018, 8:09 pm     Reply

@EmilyAnnCoons: Yay! I'm glad to hear you like the comic and it's characters!
Fear not, I foresee more fan service in the future ;D

Although if you wanna see fan service doodles and stuff I do for the lols, The EC! facebook fan page or my instagram (@ArtByMelissaM) gets updates of random drawings from time to time :3

EmilyAnnCoons, January 16th, 2018, 8:14 pm     Reply

@Scar23: Yay for fan service! (Admittedly, getting the shower scene earlier was pretty great haha) I honestly really like comics that don't mind sexy elements being in them.

H4RSHKN1GHT (Guest), January 17th, 2018, 4:46 pm     Reply

@EmilyAnnCoons: It's a fantastic comic! Mel's got mad skills.

Scar23, January 17th, 2018, 5:18 pm     Reply

Aw shucks
@H4RSHKN1GHT: DAWWWW thanks ^^;;

H4RSHKN1GHT (Guest), January 17th, 2018, 5:43 pm     Reply

Winter's Hollow
@Scar23: NP, the commissioned pin-up piece you did of one of my OC's a while back is still one of my favorite representations of the character. Also this redux of your comic has also been very impressive. I sincerely hope the right people are watching your progress.

Scar23, January 19th, 2018, 12:29 pm     Reply

@H4RSHKN1GHT: OH! Awesome! Now I've got a username for the art piece, I'm glad to hear I did your character justice with the pin up!
Also happy to hear you like the redux, I'm always paranoid that long time readers are so done by now XD

EmilyAnnCoons, January 21st, 2018, 5:15 pm     Reply

@Scar23: Well, while I did just find the comic, I have also looked over the old version of the comic. It looks like the new version has more fanservice, so I'm excited for every extra bit of fanservice that's in the new version <3

And, you do commissions? I can't seem to find your commission info on DA...

Scar23, January 21st, 2018, 9:08 pm     Reply

@EmilyAnnCoons: Oh god you found the old art *burns laptop*

As for commissions:
I open them online from time to time, but at this point they're closed because of project/convention deadlines.

I will make an announcement on my social media accounts when I have time to open up a few commission slots :3

EmilyAnnCoons, January 22nd, 2018, 9:00 am     Reply

Ahh, alright. I'll keep an eye out, then. Of course, it'll also depend on what you're fine with drawing, but I'm sure that'll be covered in yhe commission info, too.

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